Volunteers Week

During Volunteers Week 2020 we will be showcasing some of the stories of people who are helping out during the coronavirus outbreak. We have recruited over 300 people who are help us to support some of the most vulnerable in the community and here are the stories of just seven!

"What i enjoy most is about the role is helping people and seeing how grateful they are to receive their food parcelsClick here to read Geoff's Story
I wasn’t in a vulnerable situation so I was quite happy to help people.”
Click here to read Jason's Story
“ it’s amazing to just be able to help people and some people are so grateful it just breaks your heart”Click here to read Julia's Story
it just shows you how strong and how good communities can be if people just put in a little bit of effortClick here to read Kevin's Story
There’s a lot to be gained from volunteering, it’s not just about making life better for all those other people, in a way you can take some benefit from it at the same time.”Click here to read Lisa's Story
What I love doing … is working as a team. I find that very fulfilling. We’re all working towards a common aim, there’s like a camaraderie.”Click here to read Ralph's Story
“ It’s been really nice I think for me and for the people who receive the calls I think”
Click here to read Tom's Story