What is time banking?

MD Timebank

Do you want to volunteer but cannot commit a regular time each week? Then Time Banking may be the volunteer solution for you. Joining a Time Bank is a great way to offer the skills and spare time you have to help others, and bring the community together. If you would like to, you can receive help and support in return. Everyone has something to offer.

Time Banking is a way for members of the community to help each other, by sharing their skills free of charge. These skills could include gardening, computing, dog walking, small DIY tasks, teaching skills such as crafts or languages, I.T support, helping isolated people by delivering library books or making a social visit.

Time Bank Members make requests through the Time Banking Scheme, and members are put together with someone who can help.

Time Bank members log their hours each time they volunteer and can use those hours to make their own requests. If members don’t need or want any help themselves, they can donate some or all of their time credits to a community pot for use by members who need support but cannot offer help themselves.

How you can get involved

If interested you will need to complete a simple application form and provide 2 character referees.  These can be a neighbour, a friend or a support worker but not a family member.

To make an enquiry CLICK HERE