Support for Organisations

Registering with the Volunteer Centre

The Volunteer Centre runs a brokerage service to promote volunteering. By listing your opportunities with us your opportunities will be promoted throughout our networks including the Volunteer Essex website.

We meet with hundreds of people every year who are interested in volunteering and speak to them about the opportunities and organisations we are in contact with.

If you would like to have your opportunities included on our database you will need to register with the Centre – click here for an Volunteer Centre Registration Form.

If you are already a member of M&DCVS you will simply need to complete an Volunteer Opportunity Form for each opportunity that you wish us to promote.

If you are not yet registered with M&DCVS please visit our membership page for more information.

Remember to help us to successfully and effectively recruit volunteers you should keep the Volunteer Centre up to date with any changes to your opportunities, any new opportunities and details of any forthcoming training dates.

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Centre member organisations are assisted to provide support to volunteers placed with them and follow good practice guidelines.

The Volunteer Centre can provide guidance on issues and questions around various aspects of volunteer management including:

We also work to promote volunteering across the district and ensure volunteering is represented in strategic and local priorities.

Volunteer Centre members will also receive a quarterly newsletter containing information on legal issues, volunteer awards, local training, promotional activities and good practice information.