Community response update

24 September 2020

There has been a lot of change in the last few weeks as the Government responds to the increase in the Coronavirus infection rate. At county level the Operation Shield meetings that were disbanded in August have been reconvened and Community hubs are being included at fortnightly update meetings.

Although there are no confirmed plans to increase any lockdown measures there was a strong emphasis on being prepared for changes that could come. At local level we are undertaking the a few preparation measures, chatting with volunteers and partners and laying some groundwork to restart response if needed

At this stage no further changes are being proposed and we will carry on with hosting the weekly Community safe space, working with Maldon District Council to set up a Community Storage container and offering Mental Health First Aid and Resilience training to the community.

If you have any question on any of the above please contact the MDCVS team on 01621 851997