Recognising the Community

The Maldon District Coronavirus response team are aware that there are hundreds of people actively supporting the community and individuals and want to recognise and celebrate community action. Plans are underway for an online showcase of the community efforts and the response team have created themes so the public can nominate individuals and organisations to be included in recognition of their contribution to the community in these unprecedented times.

Our Themes

Do you know someone who has used their creative skills to make a difference? Have they sewn scrubs for the NHS or made face coverings for the community? Do they have the best decorated house that brings a smile? or have they been baking and sharing with the community.

Keeping Active
Has someone you know been inspiration in keeping themselves and others active? Perhaps someone has helped with gardening or raised funds through activity, have they shared motivating videos or ideas or shared local information on walks with others? Is there a sports club that is leading the way?

Has someone you know made a difference online or through technology? Perhaps you need help to get online or to make video calls, has a local business made great use of their website or social media to provide services in the community or is someone you know vlogging or sharing online resources

Charities are finding it hard with traditional fundraising events being postponed of cancelled during lockdown. How has someone you know made a difference? How much have they raised and how

Young person
Schools are out but the districts young people are busy. Has someone under the age of 18 had an impact on you and/or your community? Maybe they have painted great rainbows, or hidden painted stones. Perhaps they are helping to deliver shopping or baking for their community, making PPE or fundraising for causes.

Is there someone on your street who is keeping an eye out for people, picking up extra bits when shopping, decorating their homes, taking the bins out or tidying the garden, sharing food or stopping for a chat?

Team Working
Is there a group of people who have helped the community during lockdown? A business that has changed its way of working to get groceries and services to the community, a charity that has adapted to be there for people who need them, a sports club that are motivating others, a group of volunteers working together to help the community

We are looking for people to let us know about Single Acts of Kindness. That one thing whether big or small that has had a positive impact. No suggestions of examples here as this we want to hear everything the only caveat is that it is a one off action that made a significant difference to someone during lockdown.

To nominate anyone under one of these heading please complete the below form.

There is no closing date for nominations at the current time.

The form has been kept simple but please bear the below in mind when completing

When completing your application you will be asked for the name of the person you are nominating but no contact details at the current time however we will need these if your nominee is shortlisted under their theme in order to contact them. We will also ask for your contact details to get in touch if we have any questions about your nomination.