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Connect is a new project from Maldon and District CVS that aims to help you to be more connected to your community, to solve everyday issues and to explore how digital solutions could help you to Connect. Improve your knowledge and skills, learn to manage your wellbeing and grow in confidence both on and offline and connect to your community.

The project offers social opportunities, wellbeing workshops and support with online learning. Each participant will be supported to identify what they need to be more connected and to make improvements to the frustrations they have with life. This could be finding out information about local services, learning to manage services online or connecting to hobbies and interests.

Working lunch learning

For people in work or looking to build on their professional IT Skills we are offering short working lunch learning sessions – come along and learn how to use a range of free online learning tools with peer support and a free lunch

To find out more contact Carly or Darya on 01621 851891 or email

Volunteer with Connect

The Digital wellbeing project is funded by the European Social Fund, the Good Things Foundation and the Essex County Council Community Initiatives Fund.