Blokes! is a new social initiative for men in the Maldon District being set up with a wellbeing twist, looking to encourage guys to get together to make positive changes in their lives. This new group will host monthly headline events and help guys get together. The focus is mainly, (although not exclusively) for men over 55 who might now be finding getting involved in activities a bit more difficult.   It’s for men who want to add years to their life and life to their years

Blokes!  Aims to help local guys to find more health opportunities and lead healthier lives by encouraging and supporting each other, if you are interested in finding out more please contact Linda  or Gary on 01621 851891

If you would like to volunteer with Blokes! read more here 

Forthcoming activities

  1. Date and Venue TBC.  A YOGA taster just for the men. Learn about how this can benefit you and try some gentle exercises.
  2.  Tuesday  19th Feb Introduction to Blackwater Leisure Centre. Try Gentle Exercise Class, Swim or Indoor Cycling among the activities available