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Maldon and District CVS is pleased to announce that following the success of the Maldon Shed we have been successful in obtaining funding from the Community Resilience Fund to develop a Essex Shed Network.

The aim of the Essex Shed Network is threefold:

  1. Increase the number of Men in Shed projects in Essex.
  2. Improve the sustainability of Men in Shed projects through increased networking, skills sharing and pooled resources
  3. Achieve outcomes for individual shedders around improved health and mental health, increased peer support, increased social and community contact and decreased isolation.


Find out more about the Essex Shed Network and Sheds  in your area online at

Shed Toolkit

If you are considering setting up a Shed project we have put together a Toolkit to help you. The toolkit includes information on topics such as:

Download a copy here Shed toolkit (6mb)

Men in Sheds  is an international movement that started in Australia in the 1990s where there are now over 1,000 sheds.  Shed projects are now popping up across the UK and have a wealth of benefits for people involved not least the reduction of isolation and health improvements in men. Find out more about UK men’s sheds on the website of the UK Men’s Shed Association.